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Enabling net-zero and a circular economy

Graph showing the trajectory to stay below 1.5 degrees Celsius global temperature increase with timelines for business as usual, net-zero, and negative emissions, based on IPCC 2018 data

Staying below 1.5 degrees global temperature warming

Source: Adapted from IPCC 2018

Carbon Removal Credits to Reach Net Zero

Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) credits are pivotal for companies seeking to neutralise hard-to-abate emissions and reverse the trajectory of climate change. Removal credits finance projects that directly extract CO2 from the atmosphere, offering a path to offset residual emissions in sectors where reduction remains challenging.


Engaging in CDR demonstrates a company's dedication to a sustainable future and climate responsibility. We invite responsible corporations to explore off-take agreements with us, committing to environmental stewardship and advancing towards net-zero goals.

Empowering the Circular Economy

Industries and farmers have the unique opportunity to turn biomass wastes into valuable assets, creating new revenue streams and sustainable sources of renewable energy and heat for their operations.


This transformative approach displaces fossil fuel electricity, leading to significant financial savings. It not only elevates green credentials but also reinforces market position and enhances process efficiency, securing a competitive advantage.


We encourage entities with underutilised biomass waste resources to engage with us to explore tailored solutions that promise both environmental improvement and economic gain.

Symbolic infinity recycling logo overlaying a world map with icons representing renewable energy sources and biomass, embodying the principles of a circular economy
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