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High integrity carbon removal at scale meets regenerative agriculture


Fighting climate change for a better world.

Our goal is to remove 1 million tons of carbon dioxide from the air by 2030.

Planet Earth from space, illustrating the global impact of climate change and the importance of Anchor Carbon's mission in carbon dioxide removal and biochar for a sustainable future


We produce biochar and carbon removal credits while generating renewable energy.

Our innovative technology helps companies decarbonise, optimise under-utilised waste, enrich soil health, and improve the quality of life for regional communities.

Proven, Measurable, Durable Carbon Dioxide Removal

We specialise in Biochar Carbon Removal (BCR). Our scalable and modular industrial pyrolysis systems transform organic waste into biochar, a stable form of carbon that is resistant to breaking down, and sequesters the carbon in soils. The process produces renewable energy that powers our system and the homes or industries of local communities.

Signpost with 'NET ZERO 2050' in front of industrial piping, symbolizing Anchor Carbon's commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions through innovative carbon removal credits

Decarbonising Responsible Corporates

Offsetting hard-to-abate emissions with high-integrity carbon removal credits, contributing to green credentials, advancing circular economy by maximising value creation from waste streams, and replacing fossil-fuel energy with renewable energy.

More Productive, More Resilient Soils

Our biochar boosts agricultural yields, improves soil health and moisture retention, and reduces reliance on synthetic fertilisers.

Sequential growth stages of seedlings in biochar-enriched soil, illustrating the root development and plant vitality supported by biochar's soil amendment properties
Sugar cane harvesting for biomass conversion, demonstrating Anchor Carbon's circular economy approach through strategic partnerships in sustainable agriculture

Partnering to Enhance the Environment and Community Livelihoods

We partner with local industry and farmers to promote circular economy and regenerative agricultural practices, creating jobs and new skill development opportunities, and providing off-grid renewable energy.

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